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At the start of 2017 our first scale-ups joined the ICAB-X program, unique enterprises all facing similar challenges. Scaling your start-up towards a mature company requires a different kind of leadership, strategy and approach. Learn from our graduates what they gained from their ICAB-X journey.


Nicolas Giraud

Lindacare is on the way to becoming one of the many success stories in the Belgian start-up community. This software company identified a specific need within the healthcare sector: their innovative solution enables hospitals and caregivers worldwide to telemonitor high risk chronic disease patients. Their mission during ICAB-X? To expand internationally without compromising on quality.

With the expertise of the mentors, ICAB-X provided us with a 360° view on our company, a view we never got anywhere else, that allowed us to become a stronger company.
Nicolas Giraud, COO/CFO & Co-founder at LindaCare


Sagacify harnesses the power of Big Data in a brand new way. Their unique strength lies in creatively combining technologies and cutting-edge software to build smart, human-centred, data-driven solutions. The team operates at the intersection of data science and software development to solves digital problems. Their smart applications accurately organize the complex, unstructured content on the Web or in a company’s database to enable clients to make sense of their data and deliver next generation, data-driven products to consumers.

ICAB-X was an amazing opportunity for us to meet seasoned executive mentors who helped us in turning a market vision into a business execution roadmap, maximising our acceleration. Our ICAB-X advisory board has become a critical steering resource.
François Beuvens, CTO at Sagacify

François Beuvens



Founded in 2011 as a Solvay spin out company, eSpheres concentrates the experience and expertise gained over 10 years as the team developing Solvay’s corporate HSE-IT system. The eSpheres executive team has a large expertise in IT development, innovation and Environment, Health and Safety business processes.